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A Benefits of Education Abroad

Presentation One of the subjective parts of the instructive reality in today’s world is the way that, over the long haul, the quantity of understudies who rule for concentrating abroad increments rather exponentially. The legitimacy of this announcement can be very much represented concerning the accessible factual information, worried about the topic. As per Stroud: â€Å"The number of American understudies concentrating abroad has dramatically increased, ascending from under 100,000 of every 1996/1997 to right around a fourth of a million out of 2006/2007† (491).Advertising We will compose a custom paper test on A Benefits of Education Abroad explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The inclination to favor getting instruction abroad is likewise unmistakably detectable among understudies in other English talking and non-English talking nations: â€Å"564,766 remote understudies concentrated in the United States during the 2005-06 school year†¦ Twen ty years prior, 343,777 outside understudies were taken a crack at universities in the United States† (Stuart 17). This, obviously, recommends the developing prevalence of instruction, acquired abroad, is impartially foreordained. Obviously, there are autonomous preconditions for this to be the situation. Among them, is by and large as a rule referenced the way that, while concentrating abroad, understudies are furnished with the chance to exceed expectations in inclining unknown dialects and to build the degree of their culturally diverse fitness. By the by, despite the fact that that the prior referenced recommendation is completely authentic, it doesn't generally address what represents the deepest quintessence of the wonder being referred to †the reality the instructive worldview of concentrating abroad can't be talked about outside of the Globalization’s rambling ramifications. That is, it is specifically due to the paradigm’s capacity to assist underst udies with attaining the vibe of being completely secularized and mentally adaptable ‘citizens of the world’ that there can be just a couple of questions regarding its developing notoriety. By acquiring college recognitions in remote nations, graduates affirm that they to be sure have the stuff to meet all requirements for generally renowned and generously compensated occupations, as people fit for perceiving the counter-profitable nature of various social/strict/moralistic biases, which go with most of ordinarily instructed individuals, over the span of their lives. In my paper, I will investigate the sufficiency of the above-proclamation finally. Investigative part As of today, it turned into a typical practice among individuals to allude to the idea of instruction, as being basically equal to the thought of a socio-social/logical advancement. All things considered, it is to be specific because of the way that, while picking up information about the encompassing reali ty by the mean of developing perpetually taught, that people can ‘bend’ it in agreement to their desires, and therefore to appreciate ever-better expectations of living. The legitimacy of this recommendation can be appeared comparable to the developments of power, penicillin and interior ignition motors. Be that as it may, all together for the worldview of instruction to proceed with advantage individuals in a wide range of ways, it might never stop testing the shows of as of now overwhelming socio-social discourses.Advertising Looking for exposition on training? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More For instance, over the span of the Middle Ages, it were explicitly European colleges that used to contribute the most towards uncovering the sheer deception of Christian scholasticism, which thus made it feasible for the technique of exact sciences, for example, material science and science, to develop. The worldview of training likewise seems to have considerably contributed towards the rise of the idea of ‘nationhood’ in the mid nineteenth century. The way that, over the long haul, the most renowned instructive organizations keep on ‘fuel’ the procedure of an ever increasing number of individuals developing to perceive the mistakenness of numerous ideas that officially represent an undisputed truth-vale, can likewise be outlined concerning the real factors of a post-modern living, firmly connected with the thought of Globalization. All things considered, it was to be specific Theodore Levitt (a profoundly credited educator of financial matters from Harvard Business School), who designed and advanced the term. What is the most noticeable desultory component of the term being referred to? The reality Globalization suggests the sheer obsoleteness of the idea of ‘nationhood’, in the conventional feeling of this word. As Ohmae brought up: â€Å"The worldwide eco nomy overlooks barriers†¦ on the off chance that they are not expelled, they cause bending. The conventional unified country state†¦ is sick prepared to assume a significant job on the worldwide stage† (5). Given the way that the very laws of history foreordained the ascent of Globalization, the procedure of this Earth getting progressively ‘flat’ is irreversible. What it implies is that, so as to have the option to ready to accomplish a social conspicuousness in the ‘globalized’ world, individuals must be altogether alright with what the Globalization’s arrangements rely on. These arrangements can be commonly illustrated as follows: an) it is explicitly one’s worth, as an informed proficient, which characterizes the concerned individual’s feeling of self-personality (not their ‘national affiliation’), b) the proportion of pretty much anyone’s ‘worthiness’ mirrors the measure of cash that the person in question happened to have in the bank, c) it is just the matter of time, before the idea of ‘national borders’ will lose the remaining parts of its conventional legitimacy. Consequently, there is nothing completely astounding about the way that, as it was referenced before, an ever increasing number of understudies endeavor to concentrate outside of their nations of origin. The significant reasons, with respect to why they do it, are as per the following: 1. While concentrating abroad, understudies normally develop mentally adaptable, which thus will make them bound to prevail in the ‘globalized’ world. What adds to blocking the odds of a social progression, with respect to individuals who never lived abroad, is the way that they are by and large somewhat unequipped for tending to life-challenges, outside of a specific personal conduct standard, foreordained by their national/social/strict alliance. The explanation behind this clear †wit hout having been presented to the socio-social real factors in outside nations, individuals will in general tackle these difficulties, as their way of life/religion ‘prescribes’ them to.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on A Benefits of Education Abroad explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Such a way of acting, in any case, once in a while demonstrates viable, in light of the fact that it is in the very idea of pretty much any culture/religion to stay egotistical, regarding the verbose ramifications of a continuous social and logical advancement. For instance, a female-understudy that was brought up in Pakistan would be normally disposed to accept that wearing short skirts is ethically improper and in this way, deserving of God. Be that as it may, subsequent to having lived in one of the Western nations, she would understand that: a) God couldn't think less about the length of women’s skirts (as he doesn't strike short-skirt-w earing ladies with lightning screws), b) wearing short skirts can well fill in as the apparatus of a social headway (particularly if the concerned lady seeks after the vocation of a secretary). Both of the prior referenced acknowledge, on this student’s part, would naturally build the degree of her existential wellness. 2. Concentrating abroad prompts understudies to receive altogether secularized perspectives, which thus increment the proportion of their perceptual sufficiency and therefore, their worth, as youthful experts. While in outside nations, understudies develop to understand the way that, whatever happened to be their ‘native’ religion, it can't in any way, shape or form be considered as just the ‘truthful’ one. Such a possible improvement is foreordained by the way that, while abroad, understudies will definitely associate with the agents of different religions and skeptics, while all the while encountering the nonattendance of a parental control. Nonetheless, it isn't just that this will assist them with becoming altogether ordinary, in the mental feeling of this word, however will likewise give them an extra motivation to endeavor to exceed expectations in the scholarly community. The explanation behind this is obvious †those freed of strict figments, unavoidably come to understand that it is to be specific training (alongside cash), which speaks to the main generally conspicuous worth. This, obviously, will make it more probable for understudies to conform to the arrangements of Globalization, as the procedure of the world getting progressively secularized. There is an extra perspective to it †in the wake of having embraced a secularized perspective; understudies will be increasingly fit for going about as the operators of progress, upon their arrival back home. All things considered, the degree of people’s secularization has quite a while in the past been demonstrated as with the end goal that e mphatically identifies with the nature of their expectations for everyday comforts. 3. Concentrating abroad will supply understudies with the feeling of responsibleness. What frequently sabotages the adequacy of an instructive procedure in the regular settings, is that numerous understudies are being enticed to respect contemplating, as with the end goal that speaks to their second or even third request need. This is particularly has all the earmarks of being the situation when off-grounds understudies are being concerned.Advertising Searching for paper on training? How about we check whether we can support you! 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People In California Essays - American Old West, Free Essays

Individuals In California Essays - American Old West, Free Essays Individuals in California Individuals in California needed mail. The message line was not associated that far west in 1860, and trains did not pass the Missouri stream. It took nearly took a month to get a letter by boat or stage mentor. That is the reason the Pony Express was begun. In the mid 1800's gold was found in California. A huge number of individuals hitched their carts and headed west for the possibility of becoming quite wealthy. The territory of California developed from around 20,000 to 500,000 individuals in 5 years. They needed the accommodations they had back east, particularly ordinary mail administration. The railroad and broadcast lines didn't arrive at California, and ships and stage mentors took excessively long. At last, in 1860 plans for a multi day mail course utilizing ponies was presented and called the Pony Express. An advertisement in numerous papers over the states read: Needed Youthful, thin, wiry, colleagues not more than eighteen. Must be master riders ready to hazard demise every day. Vagrants liked. Wages $25.00 every week. The ad was drawing. Twenty-five dollars seven days was a significant pay around then and being a rider was a glamourous activity. Several youngsters addressed the promotion yet just 80 were picked. Those 80 riders needed to have high good guidelines and make a vow that said that said that they wouldn't drink, battle or use profane language. In spite of the pledge, it is hard to envision these riders not expressing some brilliant language while being fervently sought after by Indians. To secure themselves against Indian assaults the riders were given two guns, a shotgun, a blade, and a book of scriptures. Sooner or later they couldn't discover space for the book of scriptures or the shotgun so they dumped them. They were likewise offered horns to sound their appearance to a station however discovered them pointless figuring that the hoofbeats were lounder than the horns so the horns were dumped moreover. To start with the horse riders had a uniform. Red shirts, slump caps, and denim pants tucked into their boots. Inevitably the outfits were relinquished and the riders wore whatever was generally agreeable. The primary run began in St. Joseph, Missouri on April 3, 1860. Johnny Frey the principal bearer would ride as quick as workable for around 75 miles halting each 10-15 miles at a station for a new pony and afterward pass the mail to another rider. The following rider would travel 75 miles and pass it to another rider, etc for day and night for 2,000 miles and 10 days. Mail would travel the two different ways, east and west, more than once per week. At the point when the mail showed up in California all work was surrendered. Everybody needed to get notification from their family members what's more, companions from back east. The rider was the most invite sight in California. The Pony Express went on for year and a half, 308 runs, and 34,753 bits of mail. Step by step the message wire was extended further west and the Pony Express become less and less significant. Alongside that and a minimal terrible administration the Pony Express finished on November 21, 1861. The riders had given the United States a crucial help for year and a half.

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Components of a nutritional assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Segments of a dietary appraisal - Essay Example In biochemical investigation, blood, pee, stool, and hair are broke down in a research facility. In clinical investigation, a people clinical history data is evaluated and a physical assessment directed to decide healthful necessities. Dietary information is gathered through requesting that an individual review what the individual in question has eaten for as far back as twenty-four hours, or in any case the individual is approached to fill a food recurrence poll (Johnstone, 2006). Each phase of advancement has one of a kind dietary needs. As per Jarvis (2012), it is basic to breastfeed an infant solely for the initial a half year as bosom milk contains adequate supplements essential for ordinary development and improvement for a baby. Puberty is a time of fast development henceforth teenagers have high dietary needs. In this way, they need expanded admission of sugars, proteins, nutrients, and minerals to help their quick turn of events (Jarvis, 2012). During center adulthood, development and advancement stops. At this stage supplements are for the most part utilized for upkeep and fix consequently vitality giving nourishments ought to be diminished, calcium levels expanded as there is a lessening in bone mass, and iron needs stay high for ladies to make up for misfortunes during monthly cycle (Jarvis, 2012). For the old, calcium and nutrient D needs stay high for upkeep of bone wellbeing, vitality giving nourishments diminished because of decreased movement, and salts and greasy admission ought to be decreased (Jarvis, 2012). As referenced before, females require increasingly iron to make up for misfortunes during period. Men have bigger bodies as far as stature, weight, and muscle thus require more vitality. Also, men are more dynamic than female thus require more vitality. Day by day supplement admission for grown-up females are 2000 k/cal while that of men is 2800 k/cal (Jarvis, 2012). Johnstone, C. (2006). Medical caretakers job in healthful appraisal and screening-section one of a two- part arrangement. Nursing Times, 102(49): 28.

Coca Cola Branding Strategies free essay sample

Coca-Cola is one of the most conspicuous brands far and wide. The historical backdrop of Coca-Cola started longer than a century prior since 1886. Today Coca-Cola sells items in more than 300 nations around the world, and has more than 3,000 distinct drinks. The brand is recognizable to individuals all around the globe, and is accessible in a wide range of assortments. The organization invests wholeheartedly in the improvement of interesting advertising methodologies, which have permitted development and access to different places all through the world. Their very unmistakable marking is one of Coca-Colas most prominent qualities and the straightforwardness of its packaging is a piece of an extraordinary promoting methodology (Spring,2002). Coca-Cola brings in cash fundamentally from selling their exceptionally acclaimed cola, permitting numerous over the globe to share the experience. Coca-Cola’s wanted result from their advertising interchanges program is to move from innovative greatness to content greatness. The motivation behind their substance greatness is to make thoughts so infectious it can't be controlled as far as business goals, brands and purchaser intrigue, all connected together. We will compose a custom article test on Coca Cola Branding Strategies or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page They built up a discussion model that start with brand stories that make the connected thoughts which incite discussions that need us to act and respond to 365 days per year. Coca Cola currently expect to twofold the size of their business by watching an appropriation of inventiveness in their promoting. Nobody currently has the smarts on thoughts and indeed, shopper created stories dwarf Coca cola Company stories on a large portion of their brands and they continually fuel both of those facts. Besides is by the conveyance of innovation. They currently have more noteworthy network and buyer strengthening than at any other time. This has driven an on request culture where purchasers can go their requests on 24 hours every day. Innovation can empower splendid network; we can produce thoughts where we can't separate the message from innovation. With that they grow direct relationship with innovation organizations. Coca cola concentrates a great deal on narrating with their image picture development; they center around the advancement of narrating by moving from one route narrating to dynamic narrating. Dynamic narrating is the improvement of steady components of a brand thought that get scattered deliberately over numerous channels of discussion for the motivations behind making a brought together and facilitated brand understanding. This incorporates sequential narrating where one finds the flavor of coke by simply opening the container and tasting itâ themselves, multi-faceted narrating where one conveys the beverage any place they go, spreadable narrating where we talk about it through internet based life, inundation and disclosure narrating where one is now dependent and educates everybody concerning its decency and commitment through narrating through verbal (Spring,2002) Storytelling is at the core everything being e qual, networks and societies and it’s something that the Coca Cola Company has exceeded expectations at for over 125 years now. They additionally do sponsorship with various school and schools and backers their additional educational program exercises to get piece of the overall industry. Their image stories, much the same as most different brands demonstrates duty to improving the world a spot with its presence. The value of Coca Cola is fairly dubious as individuals don’t recognize all brands claimed by the organization, maybe not realizing what they’ve purchased or eating is a Coca Cola item. The accessibility and expected nature of Coca Cola makes it the most bought brand for its perceivability. Coke has become a piece of a cutting edge world culture through its publicizing, a partnership worth near $70 billion positioning as number one under brand value. Coca-Cola’s brand picture has one of the best arrangement designs contrasted with numerous other drink organizations that are contending. Their physical components of their personality characterize what their identity is, who they expect to be and how they are seen. Coca cola assembled their image picture to be known comparably all around the globe, as satisfaction. The brand has the taste that purchasers are searching for and associates with their way of life and every day lives. It is a globalized item that gives the delight of refreshment throughout a break. Applying the SWOT investigation in Coke, among qualities that they have is being the world’s driving brand. Other than having solid brand acknowledgment, they additionally have a main brand esteem and a solid brand portfolio. The organization claims four of the main five soda pop brands on the planet which are Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite and Fanta. Solid brands permit the organization to present brand augmentations, for example, vanilla coke, cherry coke and coke with lemon. Throughout the years, the organization has made enormous interests in brand advancements. Next quality is that they have an enormous size of activities. Coca-Cola is the biggest producer, wholesaler and advertiser of non-mixed refreshment moves and syrups on the planet. The organization as of now sells its items in excess of 200 nations. The company’s tasks are upheld by incomes from South East Asia, and solid framework over the world. Among shortcomings they have is a negative exposure where The Coca-Cola Company has been engaged with various discussions and claims identified with its relationship with human rights infringement and other saw exploitative practices. The organization produces items that are not considered â€Å"healthy†, the huge segment of their refreshments are high in sugar content, and as the world’s waistline continues developing, individuals are going to in the long run look towards more advantageous other options. (Dart and Frost, 1956, as refered to in Todd Daft,2002) The open doors they have is their broad and powerful circulation organize permits the organization to take any item and have it in almost every store far and wide in days. Other than that, there is an expanding interest for solid food and refreshments so it’s something different they could exceed expectations in. Other than that, they have the chance to have more brand acknowledgment. Dangers that Coca Cola faces is with the PepsiCo Company that has for quite a long time been doing combating with Coca-Cola for the cash of the shopper, and this danger won't vanish whenever sooner rather than later. Additionally, as of late some select states have forced expenses on the offer of soda pops, and have prohibited the offer of beverages bigger than a specific size, attempting to fight weight. Be that as it may, coke keeps on surpassing Pepsi in many regions of the world. Contrasting their advantage rate on the planet, Pepsi’s resource turnover rate is 91.â 25% while Coke’s resource turnover rate is 58. 2% and the overall revenue of Coke is 60. 86% leaving Pepsi with 52. 49% (Dart and Frost, 1956, as refered to in Todd Daft,2002). Among shortcomings that Pepsi has is the decrease of taste with low customer information about their image. Their acknowledgment is wide also however their e ndeavor to develop their image picture isn’t as productive as Coca Cola, causing a monetary destruction for them. It’s now saw that Coca Cola is seen emphatically as it has been anticipated. Individuals know how the brand and consciousness of coke is very high in the market and when an item is propelled, coke consumers pick this soft drink over some other contender just on the grounds that it’s a Coca Cola item and they trust it. Despite the fact that coke has been into contentions, individuals despite everything want to remain faithful to the brand in light of the fact that it’s a coke brand and they trust it. At the point when individuals purchase Coca Cola they’re purchasing the refreshment as well as the picture that goes with it, along these lines regardless of whether they have a more significant expense it shows that the item is off better quality and that the buyer isn't modest.

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President FDR’s New Deal Essay -- The New Deal Franklin Delano Rooseve

The 1930’s were one of the most troublesome occasions in American history. It was the hour of the Great Depression. A huge number of Americans endured hardships as the economy was in a free fall. Numerous Americans were jobless and lost nearly all that they had claimed. In 1932, America acknowledged it was the ideal opportunity for a change, and chose Franklin Delano Roosevelt in an avalanche vote. Roosevelt vowed to help end the downturn and with his New Deal. The New Deal was Roosevelt’s plan to end the Great Depression. Through expanded government spending, FDR established various open works programs with an end goal to recreate the economy. The New Deal’s â€Å"alphabet soup† (this was the epithet for the various projects FDR authorized) was FDR’s plan to individuals out of the downturn. The New Deal influenced various businesses and gatherings of Americans in one of a kind ways and helped spare the country. One of the gatherings hardest hit by the Great Depression were the ranchers. Because of overproduction and under utilization after World War I and during the 1920’s, the costs of harvests fell drastically. In light of the low costs, Farmers’ salaries fell. The rancher was in an emergency as the Great Depression hit. The ranchers were critical to the American economy and FDR and the New Deal proposed to support them. In the first hundred days of the New Deal, Roosevelt endeavored to help the ranchers by setting up the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA). The AAA was planned to help reestablish buying intensity of ranchers. It reestablished the value departure that helped ranchers make such cash during the war. Its’ principle plan was to diminish the size of harvests by paying ranchers to furrow their yields under. This, in principle, would shoot the cost of the harvests. There were a couple of issues with the AAA however. It appeared as remorseless in light of the fact that the administration was decimating crops that could be utilized to take care of all the destitute individuals. The AAA likewise didn’t do a lot to help sharecroppers and tenant farmers. This was on the grounds that the cash that the administration was paying the proprietors of the ranch to furrow the fields under was never imparted to the sharecroppers and tenant farmers. Despite the fact that the rancher proprietor s were advised to give a portion of the cash to the individuals who worked their property they never did. The New Deal additionally set up different organizations to support ranchers. FDR set up the Farm Resettlement Administration, the Rural Electrification Administ... help for the older, yet it was not intended to be the fundamental wellspring of retirement. It likewise gave joblessness protection, help for people who were visually impaired or disabled, and help to subordinate kids. Roosevelt would pay for this demonstration with an expense on enterprises and rich individuals. This demonstration gave the individuals comfort since they currently accepted that the legislature would help them monetarily when they required it. It additionally gave associations increasingly activity to strike in light of the fact that the legislature has security for them. FDR’s New Deal gave American expectation during when there was little good faith. It gave Americans employments; it put food on the table, and began to reestablished trust in the economy. FDR’s New Deal probably won't have finished the Great Depression, yet it left an inheritance. A heritage that you can find in the associations, in the various open works ventures, in the large government we have today, in the demonstrations like Social Security, and above all in the individuals whose lives it changed until the end of time. Book index 1) Encartaâ ® Concise Encyclopedia Article. ( 2) ( 3) Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal (

Warfighting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Warfighting - Essay Example The military activity plan needs to associate with the security collaboration and possibility arranging rules of the Guidance for Employment of the Force (GEF) [Sweeney, pg.64]. As the US isn't supporting the case of present Moroccan government as for their sway over Western Sahara, and is of the position that the UN-intervened truce of 1991 be regarded by all gatherings and a serene goals of the contention be looked for, the strategic attempt to achieve the equivalent under a more extensive point of view. In this issue US powers imagine to work in collaboration with an UN peacekeeping power and will attempt to achieve in long haul, a lasting truce, decrease of Moroccan military nearness in the district, guaranteeing Moroccan and Polisario militaries keep to their appointed domains, discharge from Moroccan correctional facilities of all Western Saharan political detainees and furthermore trade of pows, execution of an UN-drove repatriation program for evacuees, enrollment of every si ngle qualified voter, and a free and reasonable choice. Under the momentary goals of the strategic, come another arrangement of compromise and philanthropic guide giving advances. The quick advance in this succession of activity will be to attempt to keep more individuals from walking in into the urban areas and furthermore discovering answer for the helpful emergency brought about by the as of now happened inundation of individuals. It would involve need to support the ladies and kids who have entered the city as a feature of the fighting gatherings as they are the most powerless components to a helpful disaster. Nourishment, consumable water and clinical help should be masterminded every one of the individuals who are needing them. Taking into account the US strategy to have a tranquil answer for the emergency, our main goal will likewise be basically to turn away the activity of power that can prompt viciousness or physical suppression.

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Authentication and Information Technology Security - 825 Words

Authentication and Information Technology Security (Essay Sample) Content: Authentication and Information SecurityName:Instructor:Institution:Date:The advent of the technological age was heralded as a watershed moment for mankind. The innovation and enterprise of the previous generations had culminated in the technological and information age that is currently being enjoyed. People can now run their businesses and perform financial transactions in the comfort of their homes. Things are more convenient than they were before. The information age has however come with its negative impacts, such as the threat to information.Three articles by Darril Gibson, Mellisa Killian and Chample offer a discussion on authentication and information security.Authentication and information security are like different parts of the same body. Authentication safeguards information and is, therefore, a factor of information security. Authentication can be defined as the process in which the system and also an individual proves what he or she claims to be (K illian, 2015).To access a system, for example, one would be required to give the required details.Authentication then comes in when the system requires the person to prove he or she is the legit owner of those details.There are three examples of authentication. First is the authentication that requires personal proof. It is the arguably the safest and, therefore, the toughest to crack for any identity thieves. It involves the system requiring proof of oneà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s identity through physical characteristics, such as the iris or fingerprint (Killian, 2015).The biometric confirmation of such features would then enable the system authentication. The second kind of authentication is by proof of what one has. By proof of what one has, the system interprets the individual as a registered member. For example, an individual can be authenticated by the system if he or she has a tag or access card (Gibson, 2011).The final example of authentication is through the use of what one knows. It is a straightforward process that calls for the knowledge of passwords or security access codes. It doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬t involve any biometric authentication or any other physical proof of the same. Here, the password or security code is the one and only line of defense. It is also the easiest to be manipulated since one can know the password but isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬t authorized to access certain information (Gibson, 2011).Knowledge of authentication and information security is very important for anyone enjoying the current technological advancements. Interconnectivity through the internet has ensured that data is easily accessible from any part of the world (Chample, 2002).Nowadays, online transactions are commonplace through wireless money transfer. Online payment platforms, such as PayPal and Payoneer, require more and more privacy on the side of its users. The password should be an extremely private matter for anyone accessing his or her information through the online platform.Hackers and o ther cybercriminals are always on their toes, trying to come up with ways in which they can gain access to peopleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s personal information. It is as a result of this that most systems opt for the two-step authentication process (Chample 2002).It entails the combination of either of the two earlier mentioned examples of authentication. For example, to access information, the system can request for the password and then it sends a one-time code to one's phone.The pho...